Android Casino Blackjack Guide

  • Monday, Jul 26, 2021

If you are thinking of playing Blackjack game at an Android casino, and you don't know how to get started, then this article is for you. Blackjack is one of the most common types of table games that you will find in most Android casinos. The game come with simple rules, you need not worry as you will find it easy to grasp. For more info, visit

What is the Basics of the Game?

Like every other casino games, you need to first understand the basics before you get started. The game of Blackjack comes with rules that you need to follow. Aside from that, there are some terminologies that you need to get familiar with. First, the aim of playing the game is to win the dealer. In order to win, you need a hand that is higher than the dealer's hand.

  • However, players should be cautious when playing because they can bust if their hand exceed the number 21.
  • You can also win the dealer when the dealer bust (have a hand that is more than 21).

While you have understand the aim of the game, you also need to get familiar with the different Blackjack variants that you'll come across. All you need is to just pick one and master it. The most popular variant of Blackjack is the European Roulette and American Roulette. Other variants include Blackjack Multi-Hand, Atlantic City Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack, Spanish 21, Classic Blackjack, and more.

How To Play the game?

Blackjack involves making smart decisions. So there are some things we'd like you to know. First, you need to learn how to calculate your cards because your decision will be based on the total number of cards in your hand. In Blackjack, the Ace is either 1 or 11 point — depending on the value you want. Picture cards like J, K Q and the card 10 have 10 points.

In addition to that, the rest of the cards will have their face value. For example, card 4 have 4 points, and so on. That being said, you should first try the demo version of the game before you play with real money. With this, you can get a practice on how the game works. Just visit any Android casino online to get started.

Additional Information on Blackjack Guide

Place your desired bet to start the game. Don't worry, the casino provides you with virtual cash. Once you've placed your bet, you will receive two and the dealer will also get two cards. In Blackjack, you can HIT, STAND, SPLIT or Double Down. At the end of the game, the cards will be compared and the highest hand (but lower than 21) wins the game.